The Beautiful Medjumbe Island

 In Northern Mozambique lies the amazing, breath-taking Medjumbe Island. Measuring just one kilometer long and five hundred meters wide, this private island is among the smallest islands out of all the 32 islands in the Quirimbas Archipelago. The white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters make this island a gem despite its small size.

The calm atmosphere, great environment and the warm sun that can power solar geysers refreshes anyone who visits this little gem. In addition to this, there are many activities that you can take part in during your visit. Get the best out of your trip by taking part in activities such as diving and snorkeling. If you are not a professional diver, do not worry because there are shallow reefs available for those who are not very experienced.

Courses are even offered by an accredited PADI dive center. Snorkeling will give you the opportunity to look at various marine species in the waters. Other water sports are available including water skiing, kite surfing, sea kayaking, sailing and going on paddle boats. If you love fishing, challenge yourself trying to catch the bone fish which is very popular although a wide range of pelagic fish are also present. 

You must love being pampered, which is one of the reasons why you will visit Medjumbe islands. To pamper you even more, a great spa is located on the island. Its location is quite convenient since it is right on the beach. A wide range of massage and body treatments are available for you to choose from including aromatherapy massage, Maya hair and scalp treatment, Swedish massage, shiatsu, manicure and pedicure among many others. If you are not comfortable going to the spa, arrangements can be made to have the treatments done in the room in which you are staying.

This beautiful island should definitely be among your top vacation destinations. In addition to spending you vacation there, you could also use it as a place to hold special occasions such as a beach wedding or your honeymoon. Whatever the occasion, you will have a memorable time.

Online African Holidays for All

Africa may not be the first continent that comes to mind when you are thinking of holiday destinations, but for a choice of varied and exciting countries plus a wide range of activities and stunning destinations it is hard to beat. A Mozambique island can also have some of the best hotels and accommodation on it in the world. Whether you are looking for a beach holiday or a city break, a family holiday or a honeymoon destination there is something and somewhere in Africa for you, and the difference between one country and the next can be spectacular.

Take Botswana, a beautiful country where you can experience the wonders of African wildlife up close on one of many excellent game reserves; the chance to see elephants and lions alone in the wild will thrill children and adults alike. Fish eagles, African wild dogs and much more can be seen across this amazing country, and you can visit the wonderful Okavango Delta, a place teeming with wildlife of astonishing variety.

Namibia lies next door to Botswana, and offers an equally thrilling variety of opportunities when it comes to a traditional safari. You can choose to stay in a luxury lodge and watch the animals at one of many waterholes, visit the ancient and amazing rock art and cultural centre of Damaraland, or take in the astonishing Skeleton Coast which is named after the skeletons of whales, elephants and wrecked ships that lie along the shore.

For the best deals in online African holidays you should turn to Journey in Style, specialists in holidays in the above countries plus South Africa, Mozambique and others, as their vast wealth of experience in the field is unequalled. Staying in Mozambique hotels are cost effective and the interiors is very modern.You really will find that an African holiday, wherever you choose to go, is one that you will remember for a lifetime, so why not have a look now and see what they have on offer

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Our Mandela Coins Vs Krugerrand Coins

Also recognized as Kruger coins, these are the very first genuine coins of South African as well as were produced between 1892 as well as 1902. The 1892 collection are taken into consideration to be among one of the most prominent collection, due to the truth that the coins were published with 2 obvious mistakes that effectively insulted the heritage and also record of South Africa along with the reputation of Head of state Kruger.


The initial error was the wrong representation of the South African Voortrekker ox-wagon. As an alternative, a Continental wagon, which had a dual shaft and also front and rear wheels of similar size, was stamped on the coins. A South African ox-wagon typically had simply a single shaft, and its back wheels were bigger compared to the front wheels. The 2nd error happened when the developer Otto Shultz stamped his initials ‘OS’ on the obverse of the coin on President Kruger’s breast. Whilst this by itself is a popular procedure, words OS is the Dutch word for ox as well as this was viewed as an excellent insult to the federal government and head of state, that was readying to advocate a second election. The coins were immediately recalled, and President Kruger went on to directly win his election, but the mistakes on the coins resulted in them getting prompt value and also not all them were handed over.

As numerous of these coins were hoarded right after mintage, it’s feasible to find them in great condition, although it’s not typically that these samplings come onto the marketplace. Today, uncommon coins such as the ZAR coins are thought about antiques as well as are not eligible for funding acquires tax obligation when marketed, making them a hugely attractive financial investment possession.


The initial South African Krugerrand gold coin was produced in 1967 and was the initial gold bullion of its kind around the world. Today, there are a lot more Krugerrands in circulation worldwide than all various other gold coins integrated, with some estimations placing this number at over 54 million coins. Other prominent gold coins consist of the Canadian Maple Fallen leave and also the American Eagle.

In South Africa the Krugerrand is taken into consideration legal tender and also although the coins don’t carry any type of money denomination; they are stamped with the amount of gold that it contains. Consequently, the Krugerrand could be found in 4 dimensions, 1oz, 1/10oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2oz. The coin’s worth is based simply on the innate worth of the metal that it’s produced from, consequently if the cost of gold rises or lessens so does the value of the coin. Surprisingly, although Krugerrands have been produced given that 1967, the importation of the coin right into the US was banned in 1984 by Congress, due to South Africa’s notorious Apartheid standing. This boycott was subsequently lifted in 1994; the same year that South Africa held its initial Autonomous elections.

While Krugerrands are most certainly useful and also hold solid historic relevance, they are however qualified for funding gains tax obligation when sold, which could be as long as 20 % in some situations.


Uncirculated Mandela coins have actually been known to retrieve hundreds of thousands as well as countless rands when sold independently and also through public auction. These versions are certainly surprisingly hard to source and their low mintage amounts as well as the reality that they are struck making use of rare-earth element contribute to their exceptional value. Undoubtedly, if are in a position to buy among these coins, it would be a sound financial investment as their value is readied to boost much more in time.

Distributed variations nonetheless are numerous, as countless them have been produced as well as for this reason they are ruled out to be uncommon. Their value lies in people’s understandable gratitude as well as respect for Nelson Mandela as well as in time his heritage will certainly help these coins acquire worth. Currently, however, there is a high supply of distributed Mandela coins and also a reasonably low demand. Added to this, with contemporary coins there is consistently the chance that the mint can manufacture a lot more, which lowers the worth of the coin as well as additional dilutes the market.

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Tales Of A Life Coaching Traveler

A person’s life is constantly in transition regardless their occupation, gender or relationships with their neighbors, friends and family. So where does professional life coaching come in? You could be an entrepreneur needing to expand your business or a doctor furthering your studies, or you could be in a relationship and looking for ways to make it spectacular. This is where a life coach comes in to help you turn dreams into reality.

So what make a life coach traveler want to tour the world? Life coaching enables one to discern what is most important in their life and to come up with a plan that will enable them to achieve their goals. Life coaching will also enable you to eliminate obstacles that may hinder you from achieving your goals. Life coaches are trained to help people make their dreams a reality and to get the most out of their lifestyles by guiding them on how to develop their strengths and abilities. To reap the most out of the services of a life coach, one must know how to work with a life coach. The first step is making known to your coach what your desired accomplishments are. From there, both of you can then identify possible hurdles to achieving those goals. In between the coaching sessions you will have assignments from your coach that are channeled towards helping you achieve your goals. You also need a clear outline of the things you hope to achieve probably in a written journal. Your life coach will give you the much-needed support to enable you to achieve what you desire.

The time that one spends with their life coach is dependent on their goals and frequency of the coaching sessions and can range from a few months to longer periods. Make sure you and your coach are a good match as you will need to have somebody whom you can trust with your goals. You also need to feel confident that they will help you achieve your desired goals.


Why should one travel to Massinga Beach?

Massinga Beach offers great opportunities to the guests to experience the amazing beauty of Mozambique in a very luxurious setting. The beach is located 80 kilometers north of Inhambane, a historic city. It is situated above a stretch of unending, private beach that overlooks the azure Indian Ocean. Spectacular ocean views, mouthwatering local cuisine and wonderful luxurious accommodation make the rest of the world fade away. Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, a secluded escape or even a great underwater diving experience, you can be absolutely sanguine that the highly trained staff will take full care of you.


The lodge can boast of thirty rooms in total that are either ocean view suites or ocean front rooms. Priority is given to comfort in the ocean front deluxe rooms from where one can absorb the 180 degree view of the amazing coastline. There are two restaurants in the lodge, one of which is casual and the other a bit more formal. Apart from these there is also a bar, as well as, a pool deck on the premises. Food that will be served to you will comprise of fresh seafood and the traditional Mozambican recipe. Nearby the boulders which have been chiseled attractively by the elements do provide a unique shade and feature for picnics.


There is a range of fantastic diving sites, which are both shallow and deep. Also you can do deep sea fishing here. Catches include Tuna, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Dorado, needle scale queen fish and Wahoo. There are also facilities for snorkeling trips off the shore, as well as sea safari, whale and dolphin watching. You can also involve yourself in beach games, walks, beach picnics and swimming in the Indian Ocean. Day tours can be arranged to the historic city of Inhambane. Apart from these, you can pass your time playing board games, pool tables, table tennis, etc. If you like stargazing, then you will be provided with telescope on the Leisure Center deck. It is also possible to view whales frolicking from your deck while you sip exotic cocktails.

How to get there

Tourists can fly directly from the O.R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg to Inhambane and then transfer to Massinga Beach Lodge. Also, they can self-drive for 7 to 8 hours on road from South Africa or Maputo. Secure parking is available in the town.